Rates and Online Quotation
Current Rates

Please note that we have had to increase the prices for our services. We have kept our prices static for 5 years but unfortunately are unable to withstand the economic pressure to raise prices any longer.

However, the increase is minimal and still very competitive, our regular customers will agree that they are still very good value for money for the services offered. The new prices also include the 2GBP charge imposed at Stansted and Luton Airports for pickup or drop off.

You can still take advantage of the 20% discount by booking online, please just add "Online 20%" in the comments section of booking form to take advantage of this discount.

Please click the link below to see the latest prices offered by 4 Aces Private Hire.
4 Aces Current Price List
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Online Quotation
Please use the form below to get an approximate cost of your journey.

Note: This gives an approximate cost of your journey based on a standard vehicle and either your pickup location or destination being in the High Wycombe town center. If neither the pickup or destination is in High Wycombe town center, an additional charge may be added which is not included in the quotation below.

Please input the postcode for the pickup address in the from field and the postcode for the destination address in the To field.

You can use city or town names also.

If you put a name of a town or city and you get an error, please reinsert the name of the town but include ", UK" after the name of the town or city.

Eg, instead of Reading, enter Reading, UK